How to tape together Sew Yum Pattern Pages

Sew Yum Digital Patterns are printed out on regular printer paper. In order to put most of the placement guides together, you need to tape them together.

Sew Yum uses trimless patterns, so no trimming with scissors is required. After you’ve printed out the pattern pages (at ACTUAL SIZE or 100%) for the size block you are making, double check the 1″ box on the first sheet. Here it shows the pages for the 12″ block, notice the B1s etc that show the pages go together.

Next, lay the sheets of paper out, making sure the Letter/Number segments are matching. This is how the pattern page will go together.

Overlap the matching Letter/Number sets to line everything up. You can use a lightbox if you want.

Here’s a closeup of the overlap…

Tape all the pieces together, making sure the overlaps match. There will be some areas where the printer didn’t print. You can always draw over those lines if needed. And you’re ready to get started with the pattern!